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Lady Tamara

Advent Day 24: Christmas Eve: Punisher & Constantine

Netflix has killed it again with another awesome Marvel creation. Quite possibly the best of the series thus far (although I will always favor/be partial to Daredevil). Jon Bernthal is perfectly cast and the issues of war, PTSD, the things soldiers have to cope with upon return to civilian life is respectfully, realistically handled. While violent, the violence is not glorified, and most of the characters struggle with their actions and the consequences.



And finally...the unfortunately killed too soon Constantine...easily my favorite DC character...not a superhero but a chainsmoking, heavy drinking, sarcastic, arrogant exorcist and master of the occult. I'm so happy Matt Ryan's bringing the character to Legends of Tomorrow, and hope it turns into a staying gig rather than just a short 1 or 2 episode visit. Better still, I'm not the only one hoping that this visit, and the upcoming animated shorts, lead to the CW (or someone) picking Constantine up and giving life to a Season 2 (and more)




And with that...Merry Christmas Everyone!
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