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a geek in such the wrong way

Swap of Joy for guineamania!

I am afraid I have not written any words for so long, I could not even begin to write something for you for Christmas, Guinea, but I put on my Graphics Hat instead and worked on what you will find below the cut!

...in a galaxy far, far away... but perhaps more recently than that phrase was invented (which is 40 this year, can you believe?) although not quite so recent as the new Star Wars movie, (as I started work before it came out) the Force awoke!

Click to open in full-size (I also have this in a larger size if you want it, just let me know!)

And, because one banner isn't nearly enough, I also put together a banner each for all three characters above, which you could call love-bars at a stretch, and I hope you like:

The Force Awakens-Finn-border.png

The Force Awakens-Rey-border.png

force awakens banner-1000x459.png

Merry Christmas, my dear! Hope it's a good one!!! ;-)
Tags: challenge: swap of joy, creation: image

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