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Advent Day 8! BtVS!

Hello there!

I am not biggest super obsessive Buffy fan, but I did admire the show greatly. I mean, come on! When you can introduce a new character and come up with an entirely plausible reason as to why everyone thinks she's been in the show all along - GENIUS!!!!

It was fun, and campy and poked fun at itself. DAMN GOOD SHOW!

AE buffy 5.jpg
ae buffy 2.jpg AE buffy 1.jpg
AE buffy 3.jpg AE buffy 7.jpg AE buffy 4.jpg
AE buffy 6.jpg AE Buffy 13.jpg AE buffy 9.jpg AE buffy 8.jpg
AE buffy 10.jpg
AE Buffy 12.jpg AE buffy 11.jpg
Tags: challenge: advent

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