craterdweller (craterdweller) wrote in 1_million_words,

Advent Day 7: MacGyver

I loved this show (well the original version - I can't speak to the new version as I've not watched it) and as long as we all seem to be confessing - I own about a half-dozen swiss army knives because of MacGyver. Now, if I keep secretly hoping Mac will show up to reclaim one of them ... well we'll just keep that between us :P

I put down the duct tape long enough to make 12 icons (I would have loved to make more, but alas R.L. got in the way of my drooling uh graphics efforts.

Bonus pts if you spot a few of the famous guest stars ...

tux.png swissarmyknife1.png sounds.png profile.png nanavisitor.pngmullet1.png

kiss.png jungle.png friends.png dummy.png credits.png arms.png

Tags: challenge: advent, creation: image

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