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Advent Day 2, Part 1 - LOST

Ahhh, LOST - I still miss you. For six years, the hour you were on was the fastest hour of my whole week - it always flew by in what felt like half the time. Before you, I'd always said that I wished the X-Files and the surge in Internet use had been more closely matched because the off-season alternative universe games and chat forums would have been a thing of amazing beauty - and I'm sure X-files web stuff *is* 'Out There" (ha) but really, LOST is the one that came along and treated its most addicted viewers to worlds upon worlds of supplemental content the average viewer still has never even heard of.....

For those of us who gladly fell down the rabbit hole, we still remember dialing the Hanso Foundation voicemail a hundred happy times. We know who Joop was, what piece of literature Gary Troup was writing when the plane crashed and how he died on the island. We knew the whole backstory on the Dharma Initiative - about Alvar Hanso, and Karen and Richar DeGroot -  before S2E1 ever aired, and we know that the DI's mission had a lot more to do with the ultimate fate of mankind than it did with time traveling bunnies.

I could make a thousand LOST icons - maybe I'll make some more before December's out, for the fun of it. But for now I made eight of them (eight, for Hurley's number) and split them into shippy and non-shippy categories.

Non-Shippy icons first --- The clock to represent the suspense. "Put a ticker on it" is how writing teachers instruct their students - create a dilemma for your characters, then put a countdown clock to disaster on it. LOST did that so very literally, and the use they made of it (especially in S2, with Desmond and 'I think I crashed your plane' was sublime).  The map - to represent the layers and the labyrinth that all the plot lines formed. The tail section crashing into the ocean in "The Other 48 days" to represent the amazing CG for the time and the beautiful scenery. And Hurley's golf course for the fun - the 'slice of life' moments are maybe my favorite thing in any show.

And then my ships - Desmond and Penny, my only canon ship of the last fifteen years and probably my last one, really: Canon ships usually suck, but they were so wonderfully angsty and loving to each other and actually instrumental to the plot! That's how you do a canon ship. Followed by my OT3. They were so pretty together, and never simple or easy - also, always angsty. Not as loving, as Pen/Des, lol ...but they were each dealing with their own stuff, so.... yeah, they did their best. Awesome fic fodder, though, for sure.

Part of me hopes another show will come along and capture my imagination as thoroughly as LOST did - but it hasn't happened yet.

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