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Advent: Part 2

Okay, I'm a little later than planned, but here is the next Advent Post! Points to anyone who noticed I added Parts 1, 2, 4 and 5 in the last post but skipped on Part 3. This is because THERE IS NO PART THREE! ;-)

To remind you where we actually are (Part 2), this is what we're doing today:

Sign up here to make graphics for a fandom/fandoms in the 24 days leading up to Christmas. What we want for each posting is a minimum of two icons for each of the fandoms that you picked. You want to make a banner, a love bar, a vid that's all good too! Two per fandom is the minimum, there is no maximum! Graphics do not need to be seasonally themed.

You do not have to make graphics for all the fandoms you personally nominated, and you can pick other people's nominations to make them for; we just want all 24 days covered - so you can choose more than one day and/or fandom.

Arrow (TV show)
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Constantine (TV show)
Criminal Minds

Dark Matter
DC (comics)
Disney (any)
Hawaii 5-0 (either)
Justice League (film)
Legion (TV series)
Lethal Weapon (TV show)
MacGyver (original TV show)
Madam Secretary
MCU (any)
Midnight, Texas


Star Trek Discovery
The Defenders
The Good Place
The Librarians
The Magnificent Seven (any)
The Punisher (TV show)
White Collar
Will and Grace
X-Men (comics)

So, now you've chosen your fandom/s, please give me a date or dates when you will post leading up to Christmas! If you have chosen more than one fandom, please choose TWO dates you will post them - I'm happy for more than one fandom's graphics to be posted on one day, but until everyone's had a chance to chose one or two days, I am only giving away a maximum of two days at this point. If we are lacking a post over the 24 days leading up to Christmas, I will then start asking for people to chose another date if they've chosen more than two fandoms to cover. Make sense? No? Ask any questions here and I'll clarify!

First come, first served. I will cross out fandoms as they are chosen, and I will add your name to the date list below as you choose your dates:

Dec 01: asphaltcowgrrl - Mindhunter, Lethal Weapon
Dec 02: thatwasjustadream- Suits, Lost
Dec 03: candream - Disney
Dec 04: thatwasjustadream- The Good Place, Will & Grace
Dec 05: fairyniamh - Zootopia
Dec 06: asphaltcowgrrl - Magnificent 7, Chuck
Dec 07: craterdweller - MacGyver
Dec 08: kaige68 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dec 09: simplyn2deep - Hawaii 5-0
Dec 10: candream - MCU
Dec 11: fairyniamh - Supernatural
Dec 12: simplyn2deep - Criminal Minds
Dec 13: erinm_4600 - Younger, Justice League
Dec 14:  craterdweller - Travelers
Dec 15: simplyn2deep - Midnight, Texas
Dec 16: guineamania - Arrow, Brooklyn Nine Nine
Dec 17: guineamania - The Defenders, White Collar
Dec 18: kaige68 - Scorpion
Dec 19: kaige68 - Madam Secretary
Dec 20: erinm_4600 - The Librarians, Killjoys, Supergirl
Dec 21: haldoor - Shadowhunters, Justified
Dec 22: katleept - X-Men
Dec 23: agdhani - Legion
Dec 24: agdhani - Constantine, The Punisher

OK! Let's do this. Once the list is complete, I will kick us off on the 1st by reminding that person to get going. From there on, remember your date (or schedule a post ahead of time) and get your icons flowing! Oh, and if anyone wants to make additional icons for any fandom that's already been chosen by someone else, either post or link them in a comment in the chosen person's post here in the comm on their day! The more the merrier! ;-)

Tags: challenge: advent
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