craterdweller (craterdweller) wrote in 1_million_words,

NaNoWriMo and miniwrimo checkin

Can you believe we are halfway through the month already? For NaNos that means you should be around 25K words; for miniwrimos you should be halfway to your goal.

So how are you doing? I always find the middle of Nov the hardest, particularly if I've gotten behind on my word count. But don't give up! You are halfway there and you have been amazing so far!

What challenges are you facing right now? Maybe you need to try and set a goal for a double word count, or if you are feeling a bit burned out, schedule a day for me time. Give yourself permission to read the book you've set down for the month or binge watch one of your favorite shows or just go out and spend the day outside. Whatever helps you get back on the writing horse.

Drop us a comment and let us know how you're doing so we can cheerlead appropriately :D You're all doing awesome!!!!
Tags: challenge: nano!

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