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Weekend Challenge - What's for Dinner?

Hello, all!

Because I'm hungry ALL THE TIME, lately... and we're starting to get into the over-eating season, I decided to share my pain with you guys!

I have found a recipe randomizer and, at your comment, I will give you as many or as few dishes as you like (Name of the meal, photo of the dish if the hotlink works, and the ingredients/instructions).

Maybe the name of the dish will prompt you; maybe it'll be what the plate looks like. Could just be the garlic you need for the sauce inspires a sweeping epic into the inner thoughts of a vampire trapped in Boise, Idaho! Only your crazy muse will know!

Rewards will be at your discretion, to the best of my creative ability (icons, sigtags, epic fangirling) <--yeah.. I still owe for weekends last year. I'm terrible with the time-management, y'all. ♥
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