sagaluthien (sagaluthien) wrote in 1_million_words,

Time for beta?

I haven't written much the last year, which I mentioned in comments, but as I now do the mini wrimo I've been able to done some.

My Christmas story project I began 2015 I managed to continue on and have now 3 stories I would like to have betad. Hopefully before November is over I will have a few more.
None of them is very long, I think none is above 2000 words. And they aren't NC-17.
These is the ones I have now:
* Christmas story Nr 11 a True Blood story
* Christmas story nr 12 a Supernatural story
* Christmas story nr 13 a Orlando Bloom story, True Love Never Dies verse

Please let me know if you are willing. Think of that English is my second language, and then I haven't a good word program so there are deffinitly spelling and grammar errors in them.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: exclaim: help!

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