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Weekend Challenge: Monster Bash Blast!!

The pumpkins are set, all aglow with their eerie smiles. The October wind is blowing while bats and owls fly through the night. The cats are mewing, prowling, ready for more words . . .

Won't you please come inside?

So this is my first time hosting the Weekend Challenge here and, at the risk of stepping on a few toes, I have decided to do a TOTAL HALLOWEEN BLAST! I have three lists: one for monsters, one for Halloween(ish) songs, and one for words associated with Halloween and/or the Supernatural. Your job, my dears, is to tell me what numbers (1 - 50) from each list you want, and then create something with any of those prompts! IOW, let's say you ask for monster #1, song #3, and word #13, but only one line out of song #3 actually inspires you: That's fine! Go ahead and use it! Likewise, if two or all three of your prompts inspire you, you may certainly use all of them!!!

You don't have to ask for 3 prompts, or 1 from each list. You may ask for however many you like from however many lists you choose. If you want 1, that's fine! If you want 13, that's fine too!! The sky's the limit! Just ask for your prompts, and go wild! Words, images, videos, fan mixes, sewing creations, whatever you think of, it's all great!!!

It's also fine if you don't want to make something for Halloween but choose instead to use one, or however many, prompt(s) to create something else entirely!! Just ask for whichever prompt(s) you like, and let the Muses take you where they will!! And above, this spooktacular weekend, don't forget to . . .

Did that little spider scurrying across this page just eek about prizes? Prizes are simple: Every one who participates this weekend WILL receive an award image AND a ticket for a free story or icon set made by yours truly!! Characters and pairings, however, will have to be agreed upon for the story (and I reserve the right to make it whatever length the Muses dictate), and I probably won't get to making them until the new year -- which is EXACTLY why you're getting both as an award!!

Now, here's the part where it really differs from our normal Weekend Challenges: This is the last weekend before Halloween! I know that means people's schedules are rather full at the moment, what with Halloween parties to attend, costumes to make, trick or treaters to wait upon, and other fun, festive happenings (not to mention those who view this wonderful holiday, as I myself once did, as the turning into a new year)! That being said, I'm giving y'all a little more room to play with this challenge than just the weekend! I'm posting this bright and early on Friday morning and will be handing out prompts to those who reply with "Trick or Treat" and their chosen numbers all the way through Sunday! AND I'll be giving y'all all the way through the end of Monday (whatever time zone you're in) to make your creations! IOW, the challenge starts NOW and will run all the way through to the very beginning of Halloween morning itself!!

So grab your characters, grab your Muses, and grab your numbers, and get ready to rock this spooktacular holiday!!!!!!

Public Announcement: Please note that just because a being is included on the monster list doesn't mean I myself necessarily see them as a monster, but that they are considered to be a creature somehow tied in to Halloween. For example, "cat" (for enchanted cats, black cats, Witches' familiars, etc.) is an option, and everybody who knows me at all knows I'm the biggest cat lover around!!
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