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Flash challenge. Counting postponed.

Hey there!

Hate to do this to you, but my laptop won't boot at all. The battery has been on its last leg for a while now and today it finally gave up. I cant really complain as it has nine and a half years on it, but one more day or two weeks prior would have worked best for counting today.

Counting is not well done from a phone, even a smart one. :( Rest assured that we will count up those words for you tomorrow from work.

But in the interim I have a FLASH CHALLENGE for you! Get it done add it to your count before 8AM EST tomorrow and we'll count it as extra September!


The flowers died on Monday.

For every 100 word or single graphic I will commit to a hundred words on a WIP. It isn't really a reward, but it'll get words made!!

Go forth and word!!!


Oct. 2nd, 2017 06:48 pm (UTC)
As expected, the flowers came on Wednesday. Always some strange mix of seasonal blooms, never roses, but generally in hues of yellow and orange that she’d always favored. Wednesday flowers for a Saturday error in judgement.

Again, he’d sent them to work, which embarrassed her. The receptionist always had a smirk when she brought them back, like she knew details of the hook-up that precipitated the delivery. Like she’d known that one of them had gained a new ex and sought out the other for validation and comfort. Like she knew how bad their divorce had been and was mocking the recurring lapse in judgement.

The card was always as non-committal as the flowers. “You have always looked stunning in red.” Nothing asking for a future, nothing acknowledging that getting together had been a mistake. Just enough feel a bit used and foolish.

The arrangement sat on the office credenza. She couldn’t bring them home. The recriminations were bad enough where she had other things to think about. At home, alone, with a bottle of wine… she might be inclined toward larger gaffes.

She went home, cleaned, exercised, kept the wine corked, and made a list of all the things that had driven her crazy during their six years of wedded hell. She called friends, she scheduled lunches, she made meal plans and budgets. She booked a trip to see her parents and another trip in the opposite direction. She debated dating websites and she made great plans.

The flowers died on Monday.

As she threw the drooped husks away she hoped her resolve to not take his call next time would last.


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