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Kat Lee

Daily Count Challenge to...

candream, you couldn't have picked a better day, my dear! Tuesdays are practically always the days when I get my most words. Usually it's around 5 to 7k. But today turned out to be a crazy day full of being on the road between two towns, one for bloodwork with my doctor and the other for the babies and their vet. (Poor Elliot ended up having ALL his teeth pulled today but has already eaten one and a half cans since being home and is enjoying some cuddle time even as I write this!) I'd really hoped to get up earlier this morning or gotten some more words in tonight, but I was just too tired to stay home this morning and now I'm too tired (after being on the road all day and being stuck, like, 5 times before they finally got it right -- deep-seated, rolling veins run in BOTH sides of my family!) to get anything halfway decent out. So it's back off to bed sadly but not without the following announcements . . .

I didn't get the words I wanted today, BUT I DID get 4,743 words in TWO AND A HALF hours this morning!!! So not all bad! ;)

AND that means I'm passing the baton/ink/keyboard on to . . . agdhani! Go get those words!!!
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