Umai Hoshi (fairyniamh) wrote in 1_million_words,
Umai Hoshi

Wonderful World of Wednesday

In two days, it is the first days of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox). This post will celebrate the beginning of Fall (for the Northern Hemisphere. I believe it marks Spring for the folks in the Southern Hemisphere.)

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."



The simple beauty of the earth changing into her nightgown, before she takes it all off for a well-earned sleep.

10 Hrs of Rain on Fallen Leaves. (Totally different from the video above.)

Purrli A hypoallergenic Purr. Find the perfect purr to help you.

**Warning** May activate your bladder or cause drowsiness.

Sometimes, the best sounds are that of nature.
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