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September WIP Challenge: Work those WIPs!

Through this month, Sharpie, K and I are going to share thoughts on WIPs, along with motivation to dust off those stories and get them DONE!

Today's challenge: Commit to putting down 200+ words on a WIP by the end of this coming weekend.

Today's Thought: Why do writers publish WIPs?

Are you a writer who likes to publish a story in installments? Do you write them bit by bit over a good period of time - but never publish until a work is completed, or at least in a 'version one' state? has a list of reasons why writers might publish chapter by chapter:

* Need the pressure of an audience to keep writing
* Preference for a serial format, such as that found in pulp fiction or radio serials
* Interest in audience input for the direction of the story (e.g. with polls or questions for what should happen next after a cliffhanger)
* Potential for more feedback
* Possibly the chance for an increase in name recognition (especially for newer writers) who'll have a continous regular presence when posting something long in parts over time, rather than posting an epic with a single announcement that may get noticed less
* Readers can follow very long works in convenient chunks without committing the time for reading a novel
* Sadism

Ha. Yes, for me there is an element of 'oooh, this'll leave 'em hanging' that can be devilishly fun - but I do generally publish in installments mostly for the feedback, the pressure of an audience, and for the added interaction. If I didn't publish over time, I think very little of what I've posted would ever have been written.

I try not to abandon works, though there are two out there on AO3 that have languished for a year or even longer and I can't ever seem to get back to them. I feel bad about one in particular- I know it can be a heck of a story, if I can get back on it. That ...would be the trick, though.

More thoughts on WIPs and a link to a long list of unfinished WIPS can be found on

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