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Monthly Challenge: September Twist

Feel like you've exhausted all your plot bunnies with your favorite characters/fandoms/worlds? Have a story that's been sitting around for ages but you just can't figure out where to go next? Or perhaps you want to try something just a little different - then this month's challenge is for you.

The rules are pretty simple - take your favorite fandom/characters/pairings/original work and give them a TWIST.

Examples of some twists (but feel free to come up with your own):

* put them in an alternate universe
* cross it over with another fandom/original work
* bring a minor character front and center - make them the protagonist
* change POV (write the story from the antagonist/villain point of view for example)
* recast the characters (gender swap, change their age - turn elves into werewolves)

1K words (total - can be smaller fics) - customized participation banner/gif or 5 custom icons
500 words - participation banner or 2 custom icons
250 words - participation icon
Or I can add words to a WIP.

Post your work(s) to the comm and/or link in the "I've twisted" comment thread. I'm also adding a "twist brainstorm" comment thread in case you want to bat around your ideas.

haldoor or kaige68 - can we get a tag for this challenge please?
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