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Weekend Challenge: Summer Daze

Good morning, all! Sev here with the Weekend Challenge! It's the tail end of summer, which means that (in my part of the woods, anyway) there will soon be no more weekend trips to the beach, lazing about in the sun, or grumbling about how "it ain't the heat, it's the humidity." This weekend challenge is about capturing that last gasp of summer before we have to dig out our sweaters and start grumbling about wind chill.

I've compiled 30 songs about summer/heat/vacations. Pick any 3 numbers between 1 and 30 and use one (two? ALL?) to inspire a sure-to-be-amazing fic or graphic. Be inspired by the song title, the lyrics, or even the images in the videos. Be creative and fantastic!

In return, I will... certainly do my best to work on my fic this weekend. Yup.

Okay, send me your requests! I'm here all day. :)
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