Kat Lee (katleept) wrote in 1_million_words,
Kat Lee

Daily Count Challenge to... CanDream!

A big THANKS! to our wonderful kaige68 for calling on me yesterday after work (or actually during work -- I work days almost exclusively now) to take the reins. Unfortunately, although I'd written about 1,400 words yesterday morning, I had very little of ANYTHING left in me. I actually took a catnap while I was waiting to be able to do Drew's bandage.

But today is supposed to be my BIG writing day! I used to aim for 7k, but it's been WEEKS since I hit that, on this day. I've been being happy to manage to do 5k. Well, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, my dear Kaige, because today with your added inspiration to help, I hit 8K!!!! *does the happy dance*

Anywho, I am now officially passing the torch/quill/keyboard/pen/favorite writing instrument to our talented . . . candream! New month, new words! GO GET 'EM!!!
Tags: daily: count challenge

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