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Wacky World of Wednesday

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. "



May your muses be easy to find and as fruitful as you wish for it to be.

**Warning: None**

There is nothing wrong with taking something and making it ridiculous, unique, and out there. After all, sometimes it comes out better.

Choose a drabble or section of your story, and run it through the Google Translator. Is it insane enough for you?

Save the Weenie - Translated

Styles then left, then right. It can not be too careful. He could still hear the screams in the pocket. Each told him to worry about what was in front of him. This was not how it looks.

He wanted to come back, you can not. The final decision. The success or failure of the mission was on his shoulders.

Respiratory door as quietly as possible, and if a change. Read the box and shake the contents. It is not suitable for human consumption. Fair specifically for consumers.

Deep breathing and justified reason and cry. "Save Weenie! Tofu Corn tradition down!"
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