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Wonderful World of Wednesday

How are you doing with your pool party entry? There is an AO3 Collection and remember to post your Graphic or Words (link) To this post.

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly."
Langston Hughes

The end of month is swiftly approaching, so, remember to get your counts in before Tuesday.

The keys on my laptop (my primary computer) are dying. I will have to take my girl in and see is if will be cheaper to repair (I hope) or replace her. I can get on and do some things, as long as I do not have to type anything out. (I will be begging my husband for a keyboard, because his computer is good in a pinch, but I miss my girl and my programs. Good News, I did save ALL my WIPs to DropBox!)

Hopefully things are going better for everyone else. :)


When you are participating in another fandom, do you hide and scope things out? Do you try to blend in and make yourself seem like part of the scenery> Or do you grin and walk in, flag in hand stating that you are there, here you...

**Warning: Rapid Frame Switches and Multiple Fandom Violence**

This caught my eye, because Multi-fandom, I love the song, and 25 collaborators. Wow, created by so many who people put their hard work and time in this jewel. Simply wonderful.
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