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Calling for August Rush fandoms & volunteers! And a word about the Weekend Challenge schedule

Before I get onto August Rush, I would just like to thank everyone for your patience with this very absent mod, and also to let all our weekend challenge volunteers know that I have a schedule done; I just need to find time to code and post it. Apologies to everyone involved - I appreciate you all taking time to volunteer your time and services to the comm! I have been in contact with those who have already kicked the new schedule off, but I hope to get it posted for everyone else to see in the next few days. So that I don't forget, kitmerlot1213, do you think you can handle next weekend for me?

And now for August Rush! Those of you who have been with us for longer than a year will know about the fun we have with this largely visual feast of prompts from 5 or 6 fandoms every year in August!!! I am a bit slow to get underway this year, but with your help we can make it happen. I need suggestions for fandoms to visit this year! Comment away with up to five fandoms that YOU would participate in August Rush for. You don't have to do all of the fandoms if you play with us, nor do you have to do every single day's prompts, but you can if you want; it's pretty open!

Also comment if you can help with choosing 20 high res screenshots for one or more fandoms that get chosen this year, and/or if you're willing to help post the daily prompt posts over the month of August Rush.

I hope to get the picture prompts organised next weekend, so before then there will be a poll mid-week, and then an announcement by the end of the week on the final fandoms. Please get those suggestions in today, and then vote as soon as you can once the poll is up.

I'll screen the comments today, but will reply and unscreen if you're volunteering to help.

AND, I'm not discounting fandoms we've covered in previous years this time around, so if you want H50 or NCIS or anything else we've looked at before, suggest away! ;-)
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