Kat Lee (katleept) wrote in 1_million_words,
Kat Lee

Daily Count Challenge to... SlashLuv18!

Fast: A little over 300 words done, Score!!!! Next up . . . slashluv18!!!

I work at one of the last truck stops/large convenience stores in Alabama before you hit the Florida line. We're short handed, have been for a loooooooooong time, and SMACKING BUSY. Yesterday, I had a twelve hour shift. Usually, I'm doing good to manage some words on the day of 12 hour shift and NEVER manage to get ANY on the morning after if I have to go back to work. I got about 1,500 yesterday morning before going in, crawled my butt up at 3am this morning after getting off at 5 yesterday evening, somehow (thank God) managed to get everything done (shower, dress, pack my work bag with my water bottles and food, fill up the kids' food bowls that are scattered throughout the trailer, feed the kittens and the dogs separately, medicate Merlyn, and take my own dozen or so morning pills) in time that I STILL somehow got just a little over 300. So, despite the fact that I try to aim for 1k each workday that Drew isn't off, in "short", HELL, YEAH, 300 words is a DEFINITE WIN for me today!!!

Especially since this week has totally been trying to kick my butt.

Next up is our fabulous slashluv18!! Go kick those words into shape!!!

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