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Weekend Challenge: Happy Birthday, North America!

Hello all! It's party-time in North America! Tomorrow, my country of Canada turns 150 years old, and on Tuesday the Unites States will be celebrating their Independence Day. Yay North America, get down with your bad self. So this weekend's challenge is "patriotic movies".

I have 19 quotes from a few movies -- 'Independence Day', 'Yankee Doodle Dandy', 'Captain America' and 'Red Dawn'. (And well, Canada doesn't really have any big rah-rah-go-Canada-yay type movies, so my homeland is being represented by the classic 'Anne of Green Gables'.) Pick any 2 numbers between 1 to 19 to be given 2 quotes, then do with them what you will. You don't have to use the exact quote in your story, be inspired however you like! Or create awesome graphics or icons.

*throws confetti*
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