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1 Million Words June Challenge: Bingo!

Yes, it's bingo time!!!  And do we have cards for you? Yes, craterdweller, erinm_4600 and I sure do.

Thanks to those who suggested topics. We hope you enjoy the cards, the prompts - that they bring you creative ideas, words, and artworks  - and that you have fun!

There are eight categories:
[Spoiler (click to open)]


Action Prompts
[Spoiler (click to open)]


Dark and Dangerous
[Spoiler (click to open)]


Cute and Cuddly
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Random Items
[Spoiler (click to open)]

[Spoiler (click to open)]


Image prompts
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Kink and Smut
[Spoiler (click to open)]

No need to declare a card or cards, but feel free to comment here with your pick(s)!

Here are the ways you can achieve a bingo and claim a reward. (more on rules and rewards below).

2x2 Bingo
1 Square – Fill 1 prompt on a chosen card
Doubles –  Complete 2 prompts on that card
Blackout – Fill all 4 prompts on that card

3x3 Bingo
1 Square – Fill 1 prompt on your card
Line – Complete 3 prompts in any one line: across, down, diagonal
Corners – Fill 4 prompts in the corners of said card
Blackout – Complete all 9 prompts of said card

4x4 Bingo
1 Square – Complete 1 prompt on your card
Line – Fill 4 prompts in any one line of your card
Double Bingo - Complete four prompts in any two separte lines: across, down, diagonal
Blackout – Fill all 12 prompts of the card

Floating Free Spaces and a 'pick a prompt' opportunity for one particular category:
The free spaces on the 3x3 cards need to be filled where they sit, but on the 4x4 cards the free space can float. If you find yourself one darned  fill short of a line bingo or double bingo but are stuck on a prompt doesn't speak to you then feel free to slide that free space on over there and make up your own prompt. One such move is allowed per 4x4 card - and if you use it, consider the prompt you are replacing to have floated on over to the free spot.

On the Smut/Kink 2x2 cards, you'll see that one of the squares asks you to select a prompt from another smut/kink card. Choose any one of the prompts from the 3x3 or 4x4 kink/smut card(s) to fill that spot.

What constitutes a fill?
Words:  At least 100 words per prompt, of any sort: Fic, non-fic (meta, journal entry, RPF). You can use prompts alone or combine them in a single work - 3 prompts in one work requires that work to be 300+ words long to qualify, etc.

Make 2 icons per prompt
Make 1 Wallpaper or other-type 'large' banner or image
Make 1 Gifset

Also, you're welcome to ask for clarification if a prompt confuses you but know up front that however it speaks to you is fine - interpret and fill it as works for you.

Bingos must be completed by Sunday, July 2nd at 11:59pm US EDT. You can post anywhere you prefer: here, AO3, journal, personal blog. We're on the honor-system, no need to link us to them if you don't feel like it -- but it'd be most appreciated if you'd share them here on this post, or with a post of your own on 1-million-words so we can all squee for you and share in the bingo joy. Whatever you choose to do in that regard, do comment here by 7/2 to say you achieved a bingo and which card and bingo type you achieved so we can do up a reward for you!

Speaking of which....rewards!  They are:

2x2 cards
1 Square  - a June 2017 Bingo icon
2 squares - a personalized participation banner
2x2 bingo blackout - a personalized bingo mini-blackout banner

3x3 cards
Line  - a personalized participation banner
Corners - a personalized participation banner
Blackout - a personalized bingo blackout banner, and one of these two options:
- a ficlet of 200-300 words (fandom and characters or theme of your choosing)
- 5 icons (fandom and characters or theme of your choosing).

4x4 Bingo
1 Line - a personalized participation banner
Double Bingo  - a personalized participation banner and a ficlet of @500 words (fandom and characters of your choosing).
Bingo Blackout - a personalized bingo blackout banner and one of these options:
- fic of @1000 words (fandom and characters of your choosing).
- up to 10 icons (theme, fandom and/or characters of your choosing)
- 1 gifset or video for a fandom/pairing of your choosing- you pick the song/theme and I'll do my best to make you a fun music video for your darlings/otp/etc.

If anyone would like to help me with icons/banners for rewards, let me know!

Thanks, good luck, and happy creating!

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