Chris (sharpiesgal) wrote in 1_million_words,

Here We Go Again....

Hello all...

I can hear your groans of, "God not Monday again," from here. Sorry to say, but it is that day again.

Before we can be awesome, I have some pimping to do.

marvel_bang is upon us. They are looking for writers and artists. Sign ups are open now.

older_not_dead is running a promptathon this month. Toddle on over and see if anything tickles your Muse's fancy.

smallfandomfest is running another fest. If you love small or rare fandoms, wander over and check out what's going on. Plenty of prompts that need to be filled.

comment_fic runs a daily challenge and there are plenty of past prompts that need filling, so go check them out. Maybe something will bite and help the word count.

Big Buddy will be counting on the 24th, so let's give him a lot of words to cheer about.

Don't forget our monthly challenge. I, for one, have found some of the quotes interesting, amusing and inspiring. A huge THANK YOU to kitmerlot1213 for running it.

Now onto the main event.

Get ready to be awesome.....

Let us know how you plan to be awesome this week. We really, really want to know.

I'm planning to get some wips finished and posted this week, so I can reach my monthly goal.
Tags: monday madness: pimpin', monday: accolades
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