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Rainy Days and Mondays: Clued in by your login....

Hi there! After a bit of a time-out (sorry about that) Rainy Days and Mondays are back! I think this week's writing prompt has some potential for short fic if you're looking for something to get the muse primed. It could also be used as a turning point in a longer fic, I guess....

It's all about feelings revealed by a password.

Write us a tale where Character A is fiddling with Character B's computer/desktop/laptop/phone- whatever thing they use that requires a password. A web service or a password protected app works, too.

Maybe they're hacking in for frivolous reasons - it was sitting there, they were bored, they wondered if they could guess what 'B' would have for a password.

Maybe there are more pressing reasons - maybe 'B' has disappeared and they're hacking in for clues.

Or perhaps it's an over the top goof - 'A' bets 'C' that they can figure it out in five tries, with 'B' standing right there chiding 'A,' telling them to cut it the hell out and be a grownup for once.

Except then....they key "it" in....


They hit enter and....

Bam. They're in. Or oh, yes?

Filing this under Rainy Days due to the potential for angst, agita, and bruised hearts, but... turn it into something far happier if you prefer.

Good luck, and have a great week!

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