October 12th, 2021


Really Random Tuesday!

Or, if you actually know anything about me, you'd know this is a daily thing in these parts. Hahaha.

So, in honor of the changing season, thatwasjustadream had the fabulous idea of having a random prompt day every Tuesday until the end of the year.  Sound like fun?  I sure thought so.  I'm going to drop a few fun things for you today.  And just FYI: as tempted as I was to torture you with Walker Hayes' "Fancy Like", you'll have to find your own Bourbon Street Steak and Oreo Shake this week.

First, my current favorite song: "Dance with Me" by Niko Moon

Next, I have an entire Pinterest board full of pithy quips and sarcastic comebacks that I'm saving for a rainy day. A bit of potty language in today's choice.

Here, Hold My Morals

Lastly, a quote from something I read and thought was worthy of saving.

"When you know about something it stops being a nightmare. When you know how to fight something, it stops being so threatening." - Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski

I think that's enough wit and wisdom for one day. Hopefully something tickles the muse.
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Numbers Challenge

Here’s the rules:
1) 100 words or 1 graphic.

It’s that easy.
There is no need for your work to all connect. There is no need for them to be in order.

If you are stuck or would like a random word to use, poke me and I will provide.

Now everyone tell me about


Pride lips

Crossovers Challenge ⟫ FoxFire ⟫ Willow Rosenberg/Kira Yukimura ⟫ 1/1

Title: ⟫ FoxFire
Fandom: ⟫ Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: ⟫ Willow Rosenberg/Kira Yukimura
Rating: ⟫ Mature
Prompts:slashthedrabble #633 Design & trope_bingo Prompt ‘Getting Together’
Word Count: ⟫ 500
Master:Crossovers Challenge @ 1_million_words & Trope Bingo
Summary: ⟫ Surrounded by foxfire, Willow found a new love
MCU: Nat yellow

Daily challenge to cmk418!

I totally forgot yesterday was my daily challenge day, so instead of writing, I fell asleep. Which was very needed because I seem to have blocked from my memory how tiring it is to get up in the middle of the night to feed a baby every single night. But I have a few fics for fests due soon so I'm hoping to write some actual words today.

Now, though, I am passing the baton to cmk418! Good luck on making words!
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Daily count challenge to simplyn2deep

Had a full but productive day- went to work, took my dad to the movies to see "The Many Saints of Newark", and watched a little bit of the Seattle-Vegas game. I managed to kick my muse into gear a little bit and wrote around 300 words for one completed drabble and the beginning of another piece.

simplyn2deep, I'm handing this off and wishing you abundant creativity in the day ahead.