October 10th, 2021

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Word of the Day 10/10/21 Susurrus

Susurrus (noun)
su·sur·rus [soo-sur-uhs]
(previously 07-27-13)

1. a soft murmuring or rustling sound; whisper.

purr, susurration, hum, grumble, mutter, drone, rumble, undertone, rumor, babble, whisper, sigh, humming, mumble, whispering, buzz, muttering, murmuration, sough, buzzing

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Origin: 1825–35; < Latin: a whisper

I did not see a paper, or hear so much as a susurrus of news during that whole time.

Slowly the soft susurrus background song of the big wheel penetrated consciousness, and another, closer roar.

As they lay there the slow, monotonous susurrus of the sea made a deep accompaniment to their words.

There was not a sound about them save the susurrus of their feet going through the moonflowers.

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Daily Count Challenge to skargasm.

I didn't do anything creative yesterday. (I was in Cologne and spend the day with 2 friends. And back home I went directly to bed because I had bad headache.)

I'll create some arts later today because I have a Challenge ending today. So at least something - even if it's one day later. *nods*

I'm passing the (late) torch to skargasm. Good luck and have fun. <3
spike dru

Of Doms and Xanders

For 1_million_words Crossover Challenge and Bingo challenge - Meet Cute 2x2 #1: Mistaken Identity, Kink 4x4 #1: BDSM
Fandom: Buffy: tVS, Fast & the Furious, XXX
Characters/Pairings: Xander Harris/Xander Cage/Dom Toretto/Brian O'Connor
Words: 2054
Warnings: none really
Summary: Xander goes to a certain club looking for a Dom he met online...things get complicated from there

A/N: I started writing this months ago for the Bingo challenge, and I finally finished the last half in time for the Crossover challenge lol. This is cracky and going to be a mess for part of it, just a warning lol. It should also be noted that I've never actually written for XXX or F&F so keep that in mind. I may decide to add more to this in the future. Xander's dialogue with the missing words is because that's what the other person is hearing, just FYI


Xander slipped into the rather normal looking entryway to the club he’d researched online, making sure to have cleared his history very well afterwards just in case of snooping Willows or Buffys while he was out. Some kind of sensual, bass heavy music was playing loudly in the room, signs on closed doors on the other side of the room proclaiming that it was basically anything goes on the other side.  Handing his ID to the person at the desk and explaining that he was very new, he was given paperwork to fill out and pointed to a little alcove off to the side.

After filling out all the forms showing that he understood the nature of the club he was entering and detailing what the rules were that he was expected to abide by, he made his way back to the desk, rocking awkwardly on his sneaker clad feet as he got a better look at some of the people that had streamed in after him.  Leather made up a large part of the wardrobe, but there were a few people in casual jeans and t-shirts as well, helping Xander’s nerves settle at least a little as far as worrying about sticking out.  After handing over his paperwork and the required fee, he tried not to blush as he started to ask directions to the person he was supposed to be meeting.  Just as he started to speak, the music changed to something with a more techno beat and the phone started ringing. “I’m looking for…”

The lady held up a hand as she spoke loudly over the thumping music into the phone.  Tilting her head questioningly, the woman gestured for him to speak as she half listened to what the person on the phone was saying as well.

“... Xander, looking for...”

“Xander? Yeah, back in the red room.” Pointing to the marked door, she went back to answering the person on the phone.

“I, um, okay…?” Xander blinked and turned around.  Okay, then, red room it was.  Wiping his suddenly sweaty hands on his jeans, he made his way across the room to the marked door she had pointed out, noticing the stylistic red XXX marked on the door. Questioning what he was getting himself into, he took a fortifying breath and slipped inside.

Read the whole thing on AO3