September 19th, 2021


Daily Count over to...

backrose_17. I got 590 words on my story that's due Nov. 3rd which is awesome. Not so awesome... I'm somehow adding another chapter... which will mean I need to refigure how many words I have to write each week to finish before the deadline... I'd like to give myself and my editor a week to work on it.

In other news, I wrote one IEP, my homework assignment, did 3 loads of laundry (including my sheets which meant I had to remake my bed), walked with my Mom and solved the iPad issue for my Momo. I also made dinner... so I had a busy day and adding those words was a nice capper.

Off to bed now... and more to do tomorrow (most of tomorrow will be spent writing my other two IEPs, lesson plans, and grading ALL the assignments my kids finally managed to turn in.

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Word of the Day 09/19/21 Chuffle

Chuffle (verb, noun)
chuffle [ chuhf-uhl ]

verb (used without object), chuf·fled, chuf·fling.
1. (of the larger species of cats) to make a low snuffling sound analogous to the purring of smaller cat species, often as a greeting.

2. such a sound.

Origin: Imitative; cf. chuff, -le

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Jurassic Potter, Ch 11

Fandom: Harry Potter, Jurassic World
Pairings: Harry/Owen
Words: 4250

Summary: Raptors! And an elusive Owen spotting! And a badass Harry accidentally traumatizing Claire and Zara...oops lol

You can find the whole fic here on AO3

Harry spent the morning riding a couple of the rollercoasters he had decided on the day before, deciding to skip the VIP lines and go through the regular lines so he could see all of the “story” related stuff they had along the paths.  Sitting in the strange little carts as they careened down the twisting, turning tracks actually reminded him of his journeys through Gringotts in their mine carts, though much safer with the restraints, and he left both of the rides with a wide smile, his hair a windswept mess, and looking in markedly better condition than most of the other riders, many who made sudden dashes to the nearby restrooms with their mouths covered.

Follow the fake cut :)