June 8th, 2021

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Drabble/Icon Challenge - advice needed please!

Yes I know I said I was done for the day, but no one informed my muse (contrary bitch!)

I caught up with the prompts for the drabble/icon challenge and also found myself making a banner - as you do at 4 am in the morning! But I made two kinda mood boards and I would like people's views on which one to use as my 'main' banner for the story. Please note, I'm an amateur so these aren't as polished as they might be, but I do have fun making them!

Big images under the cut!!

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Word of the Day 06/08/21 Perdure

Perdure (verb)
perdure [ per-door, -dyoor ]

verb (used without object), per·dured, per·dur·ing.
1. to continue or last permanently; endure.

persevere, go on, recur, linger, pursue, remain, continue, endure, prevail, advance, extend, reach, stay, maintain, sustain, progress, survive, last, promote, live

See synonyms for: perdure / perduring on Thesaurus.com

Origin: 1350–1400; Middle English perduren < Latin perdūrāre.See per-, dure

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
10 count

Numbers Challenge

Here’s the rules:
1) 100 words or 1 graphic.

It’s that easy.
There is no need for your work to all connect. There is no need for them to be in order.

If you are stuck or would like a random word to use, poke me and I will provide.

Now everyone tell me about


1MW-Snoopy-hard work

Yet another Monday on Tuesday!

Hello everyone, here's to another Monday on Tuesday! I know many of you had a long weekend last week, so it was my turn yesterday, and while that should have meant I could get this post done then - not to mention the May count, which I just remembered I haven't done! - it did not happen! I had a list of things to do, and managed to get most of them done, but not the post, sorry! Anyway, as it's still Monday for most of you for a few more hours, I am squeaking this one in under the wire!

Big Buddy should be around 26%, so hopefully you're all tracking as you should be! Good luck if you're behind - still plenty of time to get back where you should be!

For this week's Flash challenge, I give you: Late last night. Use it how you will; create whatever you like and pat yourself on the back for doing so! Link it here if you wish.

I haven't got time to add all the links, sorry, but check back through the tags if you need them!

The current long challenge is Drabble/Icon, so don't forget to drop by and pick up some prompts!!

I decided to take apart my temperature blanket a few weeks back as the colour ranges were too wide and this meant I was in danger of only using 3-4 colours all year, and as at yesterday I had redone it to the end of January, and it's looking so much better already with the two darkest colours (representing the hottest days) instead of just one. I've reduced my range to better suit Auckland's weather and it's now from 0 degrees C to 30 degrees C, with six colours covering 5 degrees each. I have been tracking the temps all year and already we've just dipped into my new 4th colour, as compared to how I was going, whereby I'd only used the 2nd darkest and the next one down to date, with only a hope of hitting the third colour soon, and probably not the 4th unless it decides to really freeze (for us Aucklanders, anyway!). I have every hope now I'll hit a 5th colour as we hit our coldest months in July and August, though still may not manage the 6th (but I can live with that!).

So, what have you been up to, and what do you have planned for the week? I have nothing new planned other than catching up the temp blanket some more, and hopefully getting that May count done in a few days! Don't hold your breath, but I will get there! ;-)

Anyway, whatever you do, let's be creative out there!
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Drabble/Icon Challenge .:. Day 8!


Every day you will see a post with 4 prompts like so: 1. a place, 2. a color, 3. an action and 4. a random word.

All you have to do is create an icon or a drabble (or more) for that day using at least one (or more) of the prompts.

There are no other rules! Any fandom/s (or none); any character/s; a one-off each day or a continuous story for several days; post it one day at a time, post 7 creations altogether once a week, or just post in one lump at the end! It's all up to you. Take the prompts and run with them; no interpretation is wrong!

Day 8
1. a place:
Storage Room
2. a color: Iris
3. an action: Fly
4. a random word: Party

Feel free to leave suggestions on this post. All comments are screened.

Good luck and have fun!