February 21st, 2021

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Word of the Day 02/21/21 Eidetic

Eidetic (adjective)
eidetic [ ahy-det-ik ]

1. of, relating to, or constituting visual imagery vividly experienced and readily reproducible with great accuracy and in great detail.
2. of or relating to eidos.

non·ei·det·ic, adjective

Origin: 1920–25; < Greek eidētikós, equivalent to eîd(os) eidos + -ētikos-etic

His eidetic memory went to work, conjuring an image of a large-scale map he had once studied.

The Past Police were noted for their impersonations, and most of them had eidetic memories.

We know that they have eidetic memories, and that they can reason on an extremely high level.

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Word sprints tonight!

I'm not sure how everybody else is feeling, but this last week of February seems to have snuck up on me and I'm feeling the need to add to my word count. To that end, I'll be running Word Sprints tonight from 8:30-10pm CST. Gather up your prompts and come join me for anywhere from one to four rounds of writing.

Here's the schedule:
Round 1- 8:30-8:50pm CST
Round 2- 8:55-9:15pm CST
Round 3- 9:20-9:35pm CST
Round 4- 9:40-10pm CST

Meet me back here and we'll generate some words together. If you're working on other creative projects during this time, feel free to pop in and share your progress. Happy creating!
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WIP Push: Check in and some prompts

We're onto the last week of Feb, so you have these last seven days to get your WIP squared away and posted in order to earn that completion banner!

Don't worry though; even if you don't finish, as long as you worked on something you can still get one for your participation!

How are you going with it, anyway? I actually managed to get just over a hundred words in mine a couple of days ago - a minor miracle since I haven't written any words for months! I hope to get at least another 100 words (hopefully more!) before the week is out, then I can at least say that I completed all the rewards I owed, even if I don't complete an actual story!

Three orphaned prompts from previous challenges I've located in my vault:

1. Brain like a sieve.
2. Funeral for a Friend.
3. Mobile Phone.

Use them how you will in your WIP - if they're useful and get you going, please let us know here. You can even post an excerpt from your writing, if you want. I know I'd love to see it!

And otherwise, if you need any other help or want to chat about how you're doing; we're here for that too!
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Daily Count reminder

How is the writing thing going for you? Any bumps or hiccups in remembering the days you're accountable for?

If not, great! If so, that's still great! We're going to help you with that!

Here are the next 7 people for the month! Let's cheer them on to get those words!!

MO 22 – backrose_17
TU 23 – cmk418
WE 24 – bizarra
TH 25 – Dreamy
FR 26 – shanachie_quill
SA 27 – agdhani

SU 28 – simplyn2deep

Happy continued writing!

The sign-up for March's Daily Count is coming soon!

Also, don't forget to update your monthly numbers! Written Words | Graphic Words | Other Creative Endeavours