February 1st, 2021

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Word of the Day 02/01/21 Abscond

Abscond (verb)
abscond [ ab-skond ]

verb (used without object)
1. to depart in a sudden and secret manner, especially to avoid capture and legal prosecution: The cashier absconded with the money.

ab·scond·er, noun

break, hightail, fade, skedaddle, get, jump, scram, quit, leave, decamp, bolt, slip, escape, vanish, flee, vamoose, disappear, split, beat it, clear out

See synonyms for: abscond / absconded / absconder on Thesaurus.com
1. decamp, bolt.

Origin: 1605–15; < Latin abscondere to hide or stow away, equivalent to abs-abs- + condere to stow (con-con- + -dere to put; see do)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Sherlock Holmes

Ugggh... Monday!

I swear, I scheduled this to post.  GAH.  I guess there are upsides to being a dork and having a template, eh?

Oh heavens to Murgatroyd, how on earth is it February already?  Hope that the weather in your area is being kind to you and you’re not buried under snow and ice.  And if you are, stay warm!


1. Flash Challenge!  Your flash challenge prompt is: map.  Give me 100 words or a graphic and I’ll reward you with my undying love and admiration. 

2. Last week’s challenges:

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3. Big Buddy is at 4%!  I’d ask how you were doing, but eh, it’s the first of the month.  We’ll get there, right?

asphaltcowgrrl – 600                                                                                                                         
agdhani –   2,000
cmk418 – 360
bizarra – 400
flipflop_diva –   1,000
jujukittychick – 1,000
shanachie_quill –  400
thatwasjustadream – 600
skargasm – 800

February’s post is here, feel free to join in anytime.

4. The Daily Count challenge is gearing up for a new month.  I haven’t seen a post yet, but keep your eyes peeled – there ought to be one soon.

5. January/February’s long challenge is WIP Push.  Haldoor has posted some check-ins and prompts, so go check the tag and see if they can help you finish that languishing project!  February will also bring us another new challenge – three sentence fic!  So, keep an eye out for information on that coming soon.

That’s it for today.  Let’s go forth and have the best week we can.  Happy Love Month y’all.     

Welcome to the February Challenge: Three Sentence Fics!

Hello and welcome to the February challenge:  Three Sentence Fics!

Just a reminder, the Three Sentence Fic is a challenge where you answer a prompt with a story consisting of only three sentences.  Sounds pretty simple right?  The sentences can be as long or as short as you like and it's open to all fandoms.  I also like the idea of the three beat short fics that was introduced last year by the fabulous thiswasjustadream:  the story could be five or six sentences, but three beats - 'this happened, that happened, then look what that caused!' So as long as your fic is either three sentences or three 'beats' then it qualifies.

Each day I will leave a prompt, this year I’ve gone with a psychological twist on Valentine’s Day-- the prompts will be phobias that have to do with love and romance--and hopefully the prompts will inspire your three sentence fic.  You can post your three sentence fics after the prompt or create a new entry here or with links to your journal, which ever works best for you.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!!

Day 1's prompt:  
  Philophobia:  Fear of love
  • cmk418

Daily count challenge to bizarra

I woke up this morning very confident that I was going to have an extremely productive writing day and after several hours of what felt like slogging through muck, I'm calling it a night. I managed 320 words total- one drabble that went out into the world and another that's going to stay on the hard drive for me to whip into shape at a later time.

bizarra, you're up. Wishing you cooperative Muses and abundant creativity in your day!