December 17th, 2020

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A to Z Challenge

Here’s the rules:
1) 100 words or 1 graphic for each letter of the alphabet.
2) Get all 26 by January 15th and win a banner!

It’s that easy.
And perk – It’s the alphabet you know what’s coming if you want to get ahead of it. There is no need for your work to all connect. There is no need for them to be in order.

Like the Numbers challenge, if you are stuck or would like a random word to use, poke me and I will provide.

Now everyone give me a


Prompt Help Please?

If I need to delete this, just let me know, lol

I am doing a rare pair trope a day challenge this month, you guys have seen a couple of the results of this already.  The rare pair bit is killing me though because I don't normally write for them.   Here's the link to the master post for this thing.  Basically, I'm looking for pairing suggestions for the different prompts starting with 18. I generally write M/M but *shrug* I'm willing to consider M/F or F/F. 

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Thanks! I know you guys are all hella busy right now :)
Two Chairs

Advent Day 18

This started as a fic for another challenge, but got bogged down by my lack of creativity. Pulled it out and polished it up. Hope everyone enjoys it. Happy Holidays.

Title: Just The Two Of Us
Fandom: Hawaii 5-0
Pairing: Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams
Summary: Restaurant AU where Danny is the owner-manager and Steve is his head chef and lover.

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Adele:pink & yellow

Word of the Day 12/17/20 Peace

Peace (noun, interjection, verb, idioms)
peace [ pees ]

1. the normal, nonwarring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world.
2. (often initial capital letter) an agreement or treaty between warring or antagonistic nations, groups, etc., to end hostilities and abstain from further fighting or antagonism: the Peace of Ryswick.
4. a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations: Try to live in peace with your neighbors.
4. the normal freedom from civil commotion and violence of a community; public order and security: He was arrested for being drunk and disturbing the peace.
5. cessation of or freedom from any strife or dissension.
6. freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, an obsession, etc.; tranquillity; serenity.
7. a state of tranquillity or serenity: May he rest in peace.
8. a state or condition conducive to, proceeding from, or characterized by tranquillity: the peace of a mountain resort.
9. silence; stillness: The cawing of a crow broke the afternoon's peace.
10. (initial capital letter, italics) a comedy (421 b.c.) by Aristophanes.

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peaceless, adjective
peace·less·ness, noun
peacelike, adjective
non·peace, noun
self-peace, noun
sem·i·peace, noun


reconciliation, accord, love, unity, truce, friendship, tranquility, harmony, conciliation, concord, union, amity, treaty, neutrality, cessation, unanimity, order, armistice, pacification, pacifism

See more synonyms on
2. armistice, truce, pact, accord.
3. rapport, concord, amity.
6. calm, quiet.

6. insecurity, disturbance.

Origin: 1125–75; Middle English pes < Old French, variant of pais < Latin pax (stem pāc-); akin to pact

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Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.