July 17th, 2020

Pool Party

Pool Party Fandoms!!!

So folks, You've got till the end of August to get your fills in!

Throw some fandoms at me that you haven't worked in before!

I've been binging The Crown lately, and it's not lending my brain to fic. However, I've also been playing Lily's Garden and I need either absence creating tradgedy to befall Blaine, or I need him and the slimy cousin to hook up, you know? Maybe I'm a little bit evil. OHHH and there may be some 6 Underground thoughts poking around in my mind.

Throw what you got at me. Let's make a list!

6 Underground
Avatar: The last airbender
Blue Bloods
The Crown
The Hunt for Red October
Knight Rider
Lily's Garden
Magnum PI
Prodigal Son
Shut Eye
Star Trek Picard
The Untouchables
The Wire
The Witcher

Word of the Day 07/17/20 Hitherto

Hitherto (adverb)
hitherto [ hith -er-too ]

1. up to this time; until now: a fact hitherto unknown.
2. to here.

then, already, formerly, heretofore, once, still, earlier, antecedently, attending, attendant, hither, present, ahead, ante, back, before, beforehand, erstwhile, fore, forward

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: First recorded in 1175–1225, hitherto is from the Middle English word hiderto. See hither, to

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Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

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Having finished my other project (and the monthly goal) I've started the second draft of one of my other books.
I only got 2380 words today...but between busy at work and operating on 3hrs of sleep, I'll take it as a win for the day. Think I'm gonna crash now, so I'm passing Saturday's quest on to simplyn2deep Good luck!