June 8th, 2020

Drive by snail

Mostly Monday

Well hello there!

Friday found me alone in the office with no urge to work. Quel surprise. So let's see if I can get this done!

Things have been horrible. Not personally, I'm just questioning my life choices, but then don't we all? But it's been a horrible world. All that I can say is that I hope you are safe, I hope you are making mind changing decisions, and I hope that we are all working to make the world a more inclusive place. It doesn't sound like enough, but it's what I have.

Onto the meat of the post:

Big Buddy - You should be at roughly 27% of your month. How are you doing?

Flash Challenge: "You planned this?" Do with it what you will.

Our long challenge has started: 5+1! Are you rocking it already?

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Go forth and be productive!
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Word of the Day 06/08/20 Salute

Salute (verb, noun)
salute [ suh-loot ]

verb (used with object), sa·lut·ed, sa·lut·ing.
1. Military. to pay respect to or honor by some formal act, as by raising the right hand to the side of the headgear, presenting arms, firing cannon, dipping colors, etc.
2. to address with expressions of goodwill, respect, etc.; greet.
3. to make a bow or other gesture to, as in greeting, farewell, or respect.
4. to express respect or praise for; honor; commend.

verb (used without object), sa·lut·ed, sa·lut·ing.
5. Military. to give a salute.
6. to perform a salutation.

7. Military.
a. the special act of respect paid in saluting.
b. the position of the hand or rifle in saluting: at the salute.
8. an act of saluting; salutation.
9. a gold coin, bearing the image of the Virgin Mary receiving Gabriel's salutation, issued by Charles VI of France and by Henry V and Henry VI of England.

sa·lut·er, noun
un·sa·lut·ed, adjective
un·sa·lut·ing, adjective

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
4. applaud, cheer, praise.

Origin: 1350–1400; (v.) Middle English saluten < Latin salūtāre to greet (literally, to hail), derivative of salūt- (stem of salūs) health; replacing salue < French saluer < Latin, as above; (noun) Middle English, partly < Old French salut (derivative of saluer), partly derivative of the v.

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.