June 5th, 2020

  • cmk418

Weekend Challenge - Game Night

Happy Friday! It seems to have come quickly this week, but maybe that's just me. For your weekend challenge, I've come up with titles of 125 different board and card games- mostly from the Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley collections- but there are a few others mixed in just for fun. You can have your characters settle down for a game night or use the prompt in whatever way it calls to you.

Select as many prompts as you like either by number (1-125), for however many random prompts as you want, or some combination of the two. Write 200 words or produce a graphic by 11:59pm on June 11, 2020 and I'll reward you with a drabble, adding words to my WIPs, or adding an hour to my editing time.

So roll the dice, spin the spinner, draw a card, and come play. Happy writing!
MCU: Nat yellow


21. Five times Character A said “No,” and the one time they were finally able to say “Yes.”
22. Five times Character A said “Can I stay?” to Character B, and the one time they didn’t need to ask.
23. Five times Character A drunk texted Character B, and the one time Character B drunk texted instead.
24. Five times Character A gave Character B an item of their clothing, and one time they gave it back.
25. Five times Character A felt completely alone, and one time they knew they never would be.
26. Five things Character A learned about Character B, and the one she/he already knew.
27. Five times Character A failed spectacularly at something, and the one time they succeeded.
28. Five times Character A accidentally snuggled with someone other than Character B, and the one time they snuggled with Character B.
29. Five people who realized Character A was a badass, and the one person who knew all along.
30. Five things Character A really really hates, and the one they really really love.

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