May 19th, 2020

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Numbers Challenge

Here’s the rules:
1) 100 words or 1 graphic for each letter of the alphabet.
2) Get all 10 prompts by April 15th and win a banner!

It’s that easy.
There is no need for your work to all connect. There is no need for them to be in order.

If you are stuck or would like a random word to use, poke me and I will provide.

Now everyone tell me about


Tulips::tip toe

Word of the Day 05/19/20 Aperçu

Aperçu (noun)
aperçu [ a-per-sy ]

noun, plural a·per·çus [a-per-sy]. French.
1. a hasty glance; a glimpse.
2. an immediate estimate or judgment; understanding; insight.
3. an outline or summary.

audit, sketch, analysis, synopsis, examination, critique, abstract, digest, outline, blueprint, picture, account, copy, likeness, description, chart, vignette, summary, depiction, version

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Origin: literally, perceived

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Drive by snail


Sorry folks,
I always think I'll have time on Monday to write these up and then somehow it's Tuesday and I'm still swamped at work...


So once again with a quick drive by. Thank you for your patience.

How are your bingo cards? It's so exciting! Do you need another?

Have you checked out the word of the day? Parused through past weekend challenges to pick up some prompts you needed?

Big Buddy - Are you at 61% yet? What can we do to get you there?

And for your flash challenge - I found this on Collapse )