March 29th, 2020


3 sentence fun!!! Catch up part 1

Prompt3: I have something to tell you/Breathe

It's never anything good when someone starts off with "I have something to tell you".
Unless it's spectacularly good -- like my daughter is going to have a baby!
"Mom -- breathe now, please!"

Prompt 4: Deja Vu

Is time travel really possible?
If not, then how does science explain the unnatural sensation of deja vu?
Inquiring minds want to know!

Prompt 5: Change of Heart
(A true story in six sentences)

"Mom," my daughter says as she stares at her reflected back, "I hate that the bathing suit shows my scar!"

And I realise -- she doesn't know.

So I tell her.

I tell her how she was born with a hole in her heart that was surgically fixed when she was sixteen days old.

I tell her, tracing the jagged line underneath her shoulder blade, that because she has that scar -- I have her.

I tell her that's why I happen to love that particular scar -- and I see her smile

Prompt 6: Introducing friends premise

"well," he said, sipping his drink, "that was -- awkward."

"I wonder," she chuckles, "if she's trying to set us up."

"Probably -- do you think we should tell her we used to be married?"

Prompt 7:Winning Ways

She was the darling of the academic world at her school -- that nobody saw crack a book.

Nobody seemed to realise that she remembered everything after reading it only once, and that she'd read everything at home the first weekend of school.

Hey, it worked for her, gave her good grades and a social life -- so she sure wasn't complaining!
tortoise and hare

Word of the Day 03/29/20 Sic

Sic (verb)
sic or sick [ sik ]

verb (used with object), sicced or sicked [sikt], sic·cing or sick·ing.
1. to attack (used especially in commanding a dog): Sic 'em!
2. to incite to attack (usually followed by on).

See more synonyms on

Origin: First recorded in 1835–45; variant of seek


Sic (adjective)
sic [ sik ]

adjective Chiefly Scot.
1. such.

Origin: 1325–75; Middle English (north and Scots); see such


Sic (adverb)
sic [ seek; English sik ]

adverb Latin.
1. so; thus: usually written parenthetically to denote that a word, phrase, passage, etc., that may appear strange or incorrect has been written intentionally or has been quoted verbatim: He signed his name as e. e. cummings


Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Dreamy's Next!

Almost doubled my goal for the month...most of the 'writing time' the next two day will be prepping for Camp so my 3413 words today might be the last big word count.
Plus I get a day in the office tomorrow cause our accountant has to be there to do payroll and property taxes etc.
For tonight, I think that's words enough, so Dreamy, its up to you!

3 sentence fills catch up #2

Prompt 8: Don't Panic

When most people hear "Don't panic", what's the first thing they do?

They panic!!

For me, the first thing that comes to mind is "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy".

Prompt 9: All That Glitters

Oooh, so shiny, shiny, shiny! I must have the shiny!

"Honey, the cat is in the Christmas tree again!"

Prompt 10: Oh, I've heard of you

(Supernatural/Harry Potter)

"You've heard of us -- and you're crying."

"You kill things like me -- monsters and freaks."

"Harry, you're a child, not a monster or a freak."

Prompt 11: Woke up with a new tattoo

Jimmy Buffett said it best -- "How it got here, I haven't a clue."

Well, no, I have two clues -- who are currently sleeping like angels with marker stripes all over their hands like the tiger stripes suddenly decorating my arm.

Good thing marker wears off, eventually.

Prompt 12 -- old voicemail

I don't care if you think I'm crazy. Until you lose someone close to you, you won't understand. But then, you'll understand why I replay old voicemails just to hear her say she loves me.

Prompt 13 -- otherworldly

When something is so beautiful that it steals our breath, we tend to call it otherworldly. We tend to label it as supernatural.

Me, I use it as excuses to praise my God, the ultimate Artist.