January 13th, 2020

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Word of the Day 01/13/20 Atiptoe

Atiptoe (adverb, adjective)
atiptoe [ uh-tip-toh ]

adverb, adjective
1. standing or walking on tiptoe (usually used predicatively).
2. eagerly expectant, as anticipating a desired event or arrival: waiting atiptoe for the mail.
3. moving with caution or stealth, as avoiding calling attention to one's presence: She walked atiptoe through the sleeping house.

Origin: First recorded in 1570–80; a- + tiptoe

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
  • haldoor

Monday! Let's get started!

Hi everyone! It's a beautiful summer Monday here in NZ, and I am just gearing up for another week of... well, whatever it brings! I'll try to be positive about my week because in all honesty things are a bit boring at work lately, but there is sunshine and longer days and I should be able to do all sorts of things! Tonight, for instance, I don't have to do grocery shopping because I got ahead of myself for once and did it on Saturday (we won't mention that I actually didn't do a 'proper' shop last week and so this was really to make up for that!), so I have free time! I shall use it to get the WIP I finished last week (YAY!) sorted enough to go to beta, and with luck I'll get it back by the end of the week ready to start posting next week.

I'm off for a couple of nights at the end of this week with eight friends from school (which was too many years ago to count; I sometimes can't believe this group are all actually still in touch!). We're spending Friday and Saturday nights in the lake town of Taupo, about 4 hours drive from Auckland. Should be fun!

Now before I get onto ongoing happenings for the comm, I'll just put a shout out for volunteers to run a couple of challenges later in the year! We still have the three following challenges available should anyone feel like taking them on:

April 16th to May 30 - Bingo
Sept 1 to Oct 15 - Drabble/Icon
Dec 1 to 24 - Advent

If you'd like to run any of these, go to this post and stake your claim!

And don't worry if you've never run one before; check the tags for any of these challenges to see what others have done in the past, or in the case of Bingo, I'm happy to support you and co-run it if needed (and we have plenty of card-makers too!). In any case, you can run these however you like; we leave that entirely up to you! For either of the others, I can certainly be back-up and help with any advice if needed too.

Now, for Big Buddy you should be at about 40% of your total for the month. Let us know in comments how you're doing!

We also have plenty of Liz's famous Word of the Day posts, so check out the tag for that and see what words you can use in your writing this week!

And there's the usual weekly (or more) things like Weekend Challenge, A-Z, Say What Friday? etc, so plenty of inspiration for you!

Our new longer challenge this month is Rare Pairs and I'll be kicking that off on Wednesday, so get yourself organised now! Is there a 'rare pair' from within one of your favourite fandoms that you rarely write, or maybe have never written before? How about trying something new from a fandom not so familiar? Either is good! The WIP I just finished and hope to post soon is actually a rare pair from Hawaii 5-0; one I happen to like the look of very much, and while I won't actually be writing it over the month, I hope to get that posted within the challenge period at least. With luck I may even get the planned sequel underway, if not completed (but here's hoping!).

Now, what have I missed? I think a flash challenge is in order! Drop and give me 100 words on 'What do you call that?' for a pat on the back from your mods and the pleasure of knowing you wrote some new words!

Now, what are you going to do to make your week awesome?
  • kaige68

Fortune Cookie Challenge!

I got a fortune not too long ago that I was horribly disappointed in. It would have been more productive if it had been a reminder to change the wash around, you know? Anyway, I decided that it would make a great weekly prompt (although I do believe it's been done a couple of times as a weekend challenge). I found a generator and so here we go:

A very attractive person has a message for you

The choice to tack on "In bed" at the end of the fortune is yours. ;)