January 10th, 2020

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Word of the Day 01/10/20 Scupper

Scupper (noun)
scup·per [skuhp-er]
(previously 05-29-13)

1. Nautical. a drain at the edge of a deck exposed to the weather, for allowing accumulated water to drain away into the sea or into the bilges. Compare freeing port.
2. a drain, closed by one or two flaps, for allowing water from the sprinkler system of a factory or the like to run off a floor of the building to the exterior.
3. any opening in the side of a building, as in a parapet, for draining off rain water.

Origin: 1475–85; earlier skoper. See scoop, -er


Scupper (verb)
scup·per [skuhp-er]

verb (used with object) British.
1. Military. to overwhelm; surprise and destroy, disable, or massacre.
2. Informal. to prevent from happening or succeeding; ruin; wreck.

Origin: 1880–85; origin uncertain

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Weekend Challenge: What a Week

Happy New year, 1MW! Now, I can't speak for you guys, but this first full week of January has been a TRAINWRECK for me....

Because of that, I have made a list of 40 things that can just make your day awful. Seven of them have happened to me just since Monday.

Everything in this list is an actual thing that has happened to me and/or bizarra, from just this week to last year to years ago. SHARE OUR PAIN!

Anyway, as always, you can have as many prompts as you'd like (1-40 or random); and use them however they prompt you.