December 9th, 2019

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Word of the Day 12/09/19 Yule

Yule (noun)
yule [yool]
(previously 12-30-18)

1. Christmas, or the Christmas season.

Can be confused

Related Words for yule
Christmastide, nativity, Christmastime, Yuletide, Noel, Xmas

Origin: before 900; Middle English yole, Old English geol(a ) Christmastide; cognate with Old Norse jol; akin to Gothic jiuleis

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
The Good Place Trio Hug

Happy Almost Belated Monday!

How are we doing today?  Surviving the mad rush to Christmas?  My brain is a bit exhausted, as you can guess by this late post, but we'll pretend it's fresh as a daisy and get on with our weekly push to the end of the year.  (Also, I'm without my template so bear with me!)

Flash challenge: rain!  Give me a hundred words or an icon and you'll have my undying gratitude! 


Daily count challenge reminder is here!  Go check it out if you need a refresher on when you're up next.

Big Buddy is here - I'm at work so I can't list all of us, but check in and tell us how you're doing.  On track?  Straggling a bit?  It's all good.  We're early in the month yet, there's plenty of time to catch up. 

Don't forget about the Swap of Joy!  Postings are going on, I believe, so go forth and check them out. 

I think I hit everything!  Now, I need to get back to work before someone figures out I'm reading and posting to LJ instead of yanno, WORKING. 

Happy Monday/Tuesday depending on your time zone!  Let's make this week an amazing one.