December 7th, 2019

tortoise and hare

Word of the Day 12/07/19 Wassail

Wassail (noun, verb)
wassail [wos-uh l, -eyl, was-, wo-seyl]
(previously 12-22-14)

1. a salutation wishing health to a person, used in England in early times when presenting a cup of drink or when drinking to the person.
2. a festivity or revel with drinking of healths.
3. liquor for drinking and wishing health to others on festive occasions, especially spiced ale, as on Christmas Eve and Twelfth-night.
4. Archaic. a song sung in wassailing.

verb (used without object)
5. to revel with drinking.

verb (used with object)
6. to drink to the health or success of; toast.

was·sail·er, noun

ceremony, festivity, carousal, frolic, blowout, festival, merrymaking, merriment, shindig, joviality, hullabaloo, revelry, gala, party, spree, blast, bash, hoopla, jubilee, carouse

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Origin: 1175-1225; Middle English was-hail, equivalent to was be ( Old English wæs, variant of wes, imperative of wesan to be; akin to was ) + hail hale1, in good health (< Old Norse heill hale); replacing Old English wæs hal be hale or whole. See whole, heal

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