December 6th, 2019

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Word of the Day 12/06/19 Carol

Carol (noun, verb)
carol [kar-uh l]
(previously 12-23-14)

1. a song, especially of joy.
2. a Christmas song or hymn.
3. a seat in a bay window or oriel.
4. a compartment in a cloister, similar to a carrel.
5. a kind of circular dance.

verb (used without object), caroled, caroling or (especially British) carolled, carolling.
6. to sing Christmas songs or hymns, especially in a group performing in a public place or going from house to house.
7. to sing, especially in a lively, joyous manner; warble.

verb (used with object), caroled, caroling or (especially British) carolled, carolling.
8. to sing joyously.
9. to praise or celebrate in song.

car·ol·er; especially British, car·ol·ler, noun
out·car·ol, verb (used with object), out·car·oled, out·car·ol·ing or (especially British) out·car·olled, out·car·ol·ling.
un·car·oled, adjective
un·car·olled, adjective

song, chorus, strain, lay, ditty, ballad, madrigal, canticle, Noel, canzonet

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Origin: 1250-1300; Middle English carole ring, circle (of stones), enclosed place for study (see carrel ), ringdance with song (hence, song) < Anglo-French carole, Old French *corole (compare Old Provençal corola), apparently < Latin corolla garland (see corolla ), conflated with Latin choraula < Greek choraúles piper for choral dance, equivalent to chor (ós) chorus + -aules, derivative of aulós pipe

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Weekend Challenge - The Music of Travis

Happy Friday!

This weekend, I've put together a list of 82 song titles from the Scottish band Travis, everything from "New Shoes" to "Paperclips" to "Why Does It Always Rain on Me?" So give me a number or numbers from 1-82 or a random number of prompts that you would like and I'll prompt you.

If you put together a 200-word drabble or some art by midnight next Thursday, I'm happy to award you with a drabble (my listing of fandoms is here) or words to my WIP.

Have fun & happy writing!
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Passing the Daily Challenge to agdhani!

Oops, this is very late, because I forgot yesterday was my day. Also I wrote 0 words. I just got back from my work trip, and my brain was too dead to be productive. But I have an open Word doc in front of me now and I am settling down to write some words. A day late, but better than never!

agdhani, you are up today, and I hope you have much better luck and make lots and lots of words!