November 25th, 2019

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NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 25--Active Verbs & Adverbs

Day 25 Word Count Target: 41,675
Last Monday of the month! How's everyone doing on those word counts?

Verbs and Action. The driving force of most written scenes, whether your characters are thinking, speaking, or doing. This requires SO many different action words that we're often at a loss for new ones...or just the right one.

Here are some examples. Hardly all inclusive given the breadth of the English language, but hopefully of some use when you're looking for just the right word.

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And lets not forget some adverbs :)

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(LATE) Word of the Day 11/24/19 Cucullate

Yeah, I missed doing yesterday's word of the day so I'm doing it before today's word. When I got home from the market time got away from me even though I kept saying I needed to stop and post the word of the day.

Cucullate (adjective)
cucullate [ kyoo-kuh-leyt, kyoo-kuhl-eyt ]

1. resembling a cowl or hood.

Also cu·cul·lat·ed [kyoo-kuh-ley-tid, kyoo-kuhl-ey-] .


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Origin: 1785–95; < Late Latin cucullatus having a hood, equivalent to Latin cucull(us) a covering, hood + -atus -ate

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Word of the Day 11/25/19 Gambit

Gambit (noun)
gambit [ gam-bit ]

1. Chess. an opening in which a player seeks to obtain some advantage by sacrificing a pawn or piece.
2. any maneuver by which one seeks to gain an advantage.
3. a remark made to open or redirect a conversation.

gamut, gantlet, gauntlet

maneuver, play, jig, ploy, ruse, trick, design, artifice, device, gimmick

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2. ploy, stratagem, scheme, ruse.

Origin: 1650–60; < French < Spanish gambito or Italian gambetto (akin to Old French gambet, jambet), equivalent to gamb(a) leg + -etta -et

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Daily Count Challenge December!

We're down to the crunch!

Comment here and we'll put you on the list! It's as simple as stepping up when your name is called and doing your utmost to meet your own daily word count (whatever that may be). When you finish, write a small bragging post and call up the next contestant!

Be accountable for one day!

Who wants in?
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Swap of Joy Posting Sign up!

It's that time!!!

How are you all doing with your Joy fills? Do you need help? A pinch hitter? A beta? Or are you chomping at the bit to post your excellent Joy?

There are 11 Joys this year. So we'll run from the 15th to the 25th of December. Posting dates will be granted on a first come first serve basis. So, what date would you like to post?

December, 2019

15th - angelus2hot
16th - severina2001
17th - jennytork
18th - sharpiesgal
19th - simplyn2deep
20th - kitmerlot1213
21st - Dreamy
22nd - flyingharmony
23rd - flipflop_diva
24th - haldoor
25th - kaige68
Big buddy
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Big Buddy December!

Comment here with the count you can reach in the month (remember to factor in holidays, finals, road trips, pajama days, hangovers, etc). I will check in with you once a week to make sure you are on schedule, to push you if you aren't, and to shake pompoms at you if you are (Well, I'll probably shake pompoms at you either way).

Your count is up to you. There is no minimum beyond what you decide. But Big Buddy will be watching you! If you pledge 100 words/images, then every Monday chime in to tell us that you are up to snuff.

This is not words to be done in lieu of something else. If you have a bingo, or a big bang, or a drabble-a-day, it all counts! Words/images do not have to be posted to count, they just have to be done!

Who's in?