October 1st, 2019


Word of the Day 10/01/19 à gogo

à gogo (adverb)
à gogo or à Go·go, à go-go[ uh goh-goh ]

1. as much as you like; to your heart's content; galore: food and drink à gogo.
2. with go-go music and dancing or a go-go atmosphere (used especially in the names of cabarets, discotheques, and the like): They danced all night at the Mistral à gogo.

posh, swanky, genteel, stylish, trendy, chic, mod, upscale, swank, modern, contemporary, popular, hot, new, smart, fly, trig, current, chichi, now

Origin: 1960–65; < French, Middle French; gogo perhaps by reduplication and alteration of gogue witticism, jest (French goguette), expressive word of obscure origin

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Comment Fic: Day 30 (Final Day)

And we made it; it's the final day of this month's challenge! How did you do?

Post the last fic from today's prompt, and any others you missed earlier and want to squeeze in before midnight tonight!

I saved one of my favourite prompts for last:

Today's prompt: Road trip

Good luck! Let's create words! ;-)