September 10th, 2019

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Word of the Day 09/10/19 Fraternize

Fraternize (verb)
fraternize [ frat-er-nahyz ]
(previously 05-21-13)

verb (used without object), frat·er·nized, frat·er·niz·ing.
1. to associate in a fraternal or friendly way.
2. to associate cordially or intimately with natives of a conquered country, enemy troops, etc.

verb (used with object), frat·er·nized, frat·er·niz·ing.
3. Archaic. to bring into fraternal association or sympathy.

Also especially British, frat·er·nise.

frat·er·ni·za·tion, noun
frat·er·niz·er, noun
un·frat·er·nized, adjective
un·frat·er·niz·ing, adjective

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1. socialize, mingle, mix, consort, hobnob.

Origin: 1605–15; < French fraterniser < Medieval Latin frāternizāre. See fraternal, -ize

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