August 31st, 2019

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Word of the Day 08/31/19 Subitize

Subitize (verb)
subitize [ soo-bi-tahyz ]

verb (used without object), su·bi·tized, su·bi·tiz·ing. Psychology.
1. to perceive at a glance the number of items presented, the limit for humans being about seven.

Also especially British, su·bi·tise.

Origin: 1949; < Latin subit(us) sudden or Late Latin subit(are) to appear suddenly (see subito) + -ize

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Supernatural Dean badass

August Rush: Week Three and Four Round-up!

August Rush: Week Three and Four Round-up!

This is all of the contributions we have had for our third and fourth week of August Rush! And that's it for August Rush, I hope everyone had fun!

Check each days link for the creations.

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I've also updated the links to Week One and Two Round Up post, so everyone who participated should be accounted for if I have missed anyone please leave your link here.
Hawaii Five 0::team::Ohana

Welcome to the September Daily Count Challenge!

Behind the cut you will find a list of everyone participating in the Daily Count Challenge and their day. I'm 99% certain I got everyone who signed up and put them on the correct days, but if I missed up, or a day doesn't work out, comment to this entry and let me know.

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Every Saturday night I will put up a reminder post for the next week. If someone forgets to post that they've done their writing for the day, the next person will know it's their turn and can post after they've done their writing.

For example, it's 05 September and flipflop_diva hasn't made a post saying that they've done their daily writing, on 06 September, agdhani can post when they've done their writing to keep things moving on.

I think I've covered everything, but if not, please let me know.