August 25th, 2019

Hawaii Five 0::Danno

Word of the Day 08/25/19 Manque

Manque (noun)
manque [ mahnk ]

noun French
1. the numbers 1 to 18 in roulette.

Compare passe.

Origin: literally, lack


Manqué (adjective)
manqué [ mahng-key; French mahn-key ]

adjective French
1. having failed, missed, or fallen short, especially because of circumstances or a defect of character; unsuccessful; unfulfilled or frustrated (usually used postpositively): a poet manqué who never produced a single book of verse.

Origin: 1770–80; < French, past participle of manquer to lack, be short of < Italian mancare, derivative of manco lacking, defective < Medieval Latin, Late Latin mancus (Latin: feeble, literally, maimed, having a useless hand, probably derivative of manus hand)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.