August 9th, 2019

Teen Wolf::Stiles & Derek::pool

Word of the Day 08/09/19 Raison d'etre

Raison d'etre (noun)
raison d'être [ rey-zohn de-truh; French re-zawn de-truh ]

noun, plural rai·sons d'ê·tre [rey-zohnz de-truh; French re-zawn de-truh].
1. reason or justification for being or existence: Art is the artist's raison d'être.

basis, rationale

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Origin: Borrowed into English from French around 1865–70

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Say What Friday

Hello darlings...

Welcome to another Friday. We have survived another week. Yay us!!!

This week's quote is...

"It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

author unknown

Do with it what you will.

Graphics and fic will be rewarded, so come on and help me hit my word count this month.
Tough Guy Motto

Weekend Challenge: Nerdy Pick Up Lines :):)

Hello, my dear friends! I am running this Weekend's Challenge and of course I have to choose something wacky and kind of fun.  This week's prompts will be insanely nerdy pick up lines :):)       Here's an example:  "Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you."      See how nerdy that is and good luck trying the line in real life--Who knows, maybe it'll work :):)

Just choose a number between 1 and 28 and I will give you an awesomely geeky pick up line which will hopefully inspire you.  Please be as creative as you can--drabbles/fics can be as long as you want but at least 200 words and you can do any sort of art work the spirit moves you    Just post your work by Thursday night at 11:59pm EST, and you'll be golden.  Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!

I am not creative in any way with artwork, so if you want an icon, I will have to ask for help, but I can give you a drabble or add to my WIP.  And if you have any questions, please ask :):)