August 4th, 2019


August Rush 2019 winners!

So the six fandoms that won through clearly this year are: (drum roll, please!)

Star Trek: AOS
Stargate: Atlantis

I'm sorry for the delay in letting you know, but my face swelled up yesterday and it kinda took over my thinking. It's not comfortable wearing my glasses, and as I can only see about a handspan in front of me without them, I am going to have issues looking at the computer until I can get to the doctor's tomorrow.

If anyone, out of the kindness of their heart, could see to help by gathering images and posting the first few days of AR for me, I would really appreciate your help. (Don't worry about me, I think it's sinus-related, as I can breathe etc)

Can you let me know here?  I know I have some volunteers to get some pics, but if anyone else can step up, I will owe you. Please let me know in comments which fandom/s you'll help with - we want high res screenshots if possible please, or just something large and clear enough to graphic from (although if everyone is writing that isn't as important).

ALSO: Marvel won, and as that's a really broad subject for just 20 pics, can people please comment if you want 1-2 pics each from every movie (sorry, I don't know how many there are) or if you have preferences to just concentrate on any one (or two?) movie/s specifically.  The sooner you comment, the better!

My bad!

I meant to post this last night...but between stuff around the house, watching Hobbs and Shaw, and all the words...I totally forgot to before i went to sleep.
That said, Saturday netted me 10k...and I'm hoping for close to the same today. Rewriting/reworking last year's NaNo project in preparation for this years...and it's going really well IMO.
dracosdreamer, if you're up to it and have hours left in your Sunday...take it and run!