July 1st, 2019

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Word of the Day 07/01/19 Apologia

Apologia (noun)
apologia [ ap-uh-loh-jee-uh ]

1. an apology, as in defense or justification of a belief, idea, etc.
2. Literature. a work written as an explanation or justification of one's motives, convictions, or acts.

apology, explanation, excuse, defense, pretext, apologetics, apologetic

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Origin: 1775–85; < Late Latin < Greek: a speaking in defense. See apo-, log-, -ia

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Pool Party


OH YEAH! It's that time of year again! Grab your noodles and head over!

It's time to dive into new fandoms with the 1_million_words POOL PARTY!

Have you been dreaming about it? Making plans? I have!!!

Here's the official invite:

Come on over, jump in the pool and cool off.
For the month of July, we want you to play
in somebody else's pool. You'll be
splashing around in fandoms you've
never played in before.

1000 words or 10 graphics in any fandom you
haven't written or graphic'd in before.

The pool you play in is up to you. Just pick
one you haven't dipped a toe into yet.


Do drabbles in 10 fandoms, put together a fanvid in one fandom, just make it new to you!

Comments? Questions? Word wars? Let me know.

What are you all thinking? Throw out some fandoms and possibly inspire others!

And Monday rolls around again...

awesome Monday.jpg

It's with a little bit of sadness that I am writing this today, as one of our beautiful bunnies lost her short battle with what was probably some form of cancer, this evening. So please forgive me if I'm feeling a little heavy hearted at the moment.

On the good front, I do feel like I've achieved some things this last week, even if they were mostly not with words. I did manage to finish my final edit on the fic I finished a couple of months ago, and have now sent it off to my beta, who will hopefully have it back by the end of the week! I am looking forward to finally getting this long-forgotten sequel to my ancient 'Mechanics of Love' RPF posted sometime very soon. Maybe that will be the push I need to get working on the next WIP in the folder.

Anyway, with that in mind, I am aiming to use these now free Monday nights to get some more stuff done online and for the comm. The first of these will probably be the banners for June's challenge. There were a few of you who jumped on the drabble/icon challenge and did fantastically well, so you all deserve a banner for that! Let me know in comments today how you did and I'll make something to go with it for you.

And I'll be counting in the next couple of days, so don't forget to update your numbers. You'll probably have a couple of extra days to do this because I don't think I'll have time to count before Wednesday my time, which is Tuesday night for most of you.

Here are the reminders and other things you need to help kick you off for the week:

1 – FLASH CHALLENGE – Your Monday prompt is - Crying - Give me 100 words or a graphic for the sake of saying you’ve done it!

2 – Last week's challenge reminders:

Summer - 846 - Insipience - Shog
WWoW - Y - Epiphonema - Bastion
Weekend Challenge: Photo Prompts - Undulate - Z - Invariable

3 – Big Buddy 100% - Did you all meet your targets for June?

agdhani - 50,000
asphaltcowgrrl - 20,000
cmk418 - 3,000
simplyn2deep - 3,000/30
jennytork - 12,500/10
sharpiesgal - 12,000
bizarra - 10,000
[personal profile] thatwasjustadream - 20,000
jstabe - 10,000
flipflop_diva - 15,000
shinysylver - 4,000

4 – This month's challenge is a Pool Party one, if I'm not mistaken. Watch out for the opening post shortly!

And that's what's been happening here this week. Now, get out those keyboards and pens and let's be creative out there!